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Sedona Lago Gardens is hiring, Concierge/Support Staff and Overnight Concierge positions to support young adults neurodiversity on their journey to Independence

Sedona Lago Gardens is a beautiful and serene community of homes with the open vista of the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ. This campus provides an ideal environment for individuals with autism and other neurodiversity to continue pursuing essential life skills to fulfill their life goals and aspirations.

Employment Opportunities

Sedona Lago Gardens is actively seeking part-time employees. We would love for you to join our amazing team.

Open employee positions include:

  • Concierge/ Support Staff
  • Overnight Concierge

Volunteers: Part-Time positions are 10 – 15 hours weekly, with opportunities to increase as needed.

We are hiring!

Employment Opportunities

Sedona Lago Gardens is seeking professionals with heart for individuals with Autism and other neurodiversity. Essential credentials such as an Educational Psychologist, Applied Behavior Analyst, Psychologist, Social Worker, or Counseling to serve young adults in their 20’s – 30’s. The successful candidate will have 10 years of progressive achievements serving individuals with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, especially autism and neurodiversity. Experience with minimizing behaviors like isolation, aggression, socialization, and communication is essential.

The successful candidate will be on the cutting edge of developing new methods to meet the needs of individuals with neurodiverse capabilities. They will also assist individuals in developing their executive functioning skills, unique talents, transitions from home, and education toward careers and independence.

The successful candidate will have skills in Trauma-informed Therapy Neuro Sequential Therapeutics. Intensity Supports Assessments and a wide range of therapies are required to meet the needs of the Sedona Lago Gardens residents. Clinical experience in psychiatry, social work, counseling, Special Education, and the Neuro Sequential Model of Therapeutics.

A Ph.D. degree is preferred. A Master’s Degree is a minimum. Minimum of ten years of experience with a thirst for growth in knowledge and experience.

To apply for employment at Sedona Lago Gardens, please fill out the Employment Application form.