Employment Application

Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in working at Sedona Lago Gardens! Our mission is to empower and transform the lives of adults who are Exceptional, Neurodiverse or on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders through personalized programs that support their growth, aspirations, and independence. We hire qualified, exceptional people who are committed to our mission and have the desire for a unique work experience that requires being a team player with a “can-do” attitude and a posture of compassion and care, with dignity, respect, and equality, and inclusion. We look forward to meeting you! Sedona Lago Gardens is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity. Employment decisions are based solely on merit and business needs without regard to race, religion, gender, or any other protected characteristics. Please complete each section of this application to be considered for employment (even if you attach a resume). A member of our HR team will contact qualified candidates within 3 business days.

Personal Information

Are you over 21? (required)

If No, you may be required to provide authorization to work.

Are you legally authorized to work in the United States? (required)
Are you able to qualify for a Level One Fingerprint Card from the state of Arizona? (required)

A negative response does not necessarily mean that you will not be considered for employment.

Employment Desired

Are benefits important? If so, check the ones that are important to you.


Please document the days and times you are available to work at Sedona Lago Gardens. Some positions may require flexible hours or on-call support, please include: weekend availability, days that you are available to provide 24 hour coverage and days that you can provide care beyond traditional work hours of 8am-5pm. (required)

Have you previously applied for employment with Sedona Lago Gardens or Rainbow Acres? (required)
Have you previously been employed at Rainbow Acres? (required)

Work History

List names of your employers starting with present or most recent employer. Account for all periods of time including military service and any periods of unemployment. If self-employed give firm name and supply business references. PLEASE DO NOT REFERENCE YOUR RESUME.

Describe Job Functions/Responsibilities

Describe Job Functions/Responsibilities

Describe Job Functions/Responsibilities
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List any professional licenses/certifications you maintain and their expiration dates, if any.

Additional Information

Describe why you are interested in working for Sedona Lago Gardens.
What special skills, training or experience do you have working with adults with developmental disabilities (including relevant coursework towards a college degree)?
Have you served in a setting where respect for spiritual development is an important area of human development, for instance, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, Judaism, Christianity, and other world religions? (required)
Do you know of any reason why you cannot perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying with or without reasonable accommodations? (required)
Please describe any accommodations required.

Professional & Personal References

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