Pathways to Independence


Sedona Lago Garden’s

Pathways to Independence.

Sedona Lago Gardens offers a pioneering approach for self-directed neurodiverse young adults diagnosed with autism, cognitive challenges, or other neurodiverse capabilities. Our highly focused, one-on-one coaching is based on the aspirations of each resident and is socially integrated with community life.

A One-to-One Focus with Group Support

Our board certified Life Coaches are professionally trained to understand the nuances of each resident and will design a tailored program that not only teaches skills but measures achievement. Daily check-ins coupled with peer-to-peer group sessions and one-to-one support assure faster progress in targeted areas. These include, but are not limited to: how to approach dating and peer relationships, handling on-the-job stress, the role of diet and exercise in mental well-being, time management and goal setting skills, boundary setting, mitigating interpersonal conflict, and more.

Choose Your Path, Find Your Guidance

Resident goals are as fluid and as diverse as those we serve. Sedona Lago Gardens will custom tailor a unique program for each individual that will help guide you along the path to success. For instance, if you wish to focus on an artistic pursuit, such as music, painting, design, sculpture, etc., our coaches can help arrange meetings with local craftspeople to help you explore or elevate your skills. Others may want help completing their education, starting a business, pursuing in-demand careers or getting their first entry-level job. Whatever your goal or interest, our coaches will help you to stay on track and overcome obstacles.

Positive Peer Influence and Group Activities

Positive peer influence can lead to happier, more productive lives. Our Life Coaches will help Sedona Lago residents build connections and foster meaningful interactions to help develop their new peer relationships from the start. We know these bonds will provide a great support system to each individual as they face challenges, try out new skills, and explore new opportunities together. Building skill sets and relationships hand in hand is one of the cornerstones Sedona Lago Gardens is built on.

Already Live in Sedona?

If you live in the greater Sedona area and wish to benefit from the coaching and peer group activities at Sedona Lago Gardens, but would feel more comfortable living at home, Sedona Lago also offers the Pathways to Independence program to community members living in Verde Valley. Individuals will receive one-on-one coaching as well as participate in peer group activities, skills development, emotional support, and mentoring.

Curriculum: What makes our curriculum unique

Much like the four directions of the compass in our logo, Sedona Lago Garden’s Pathways to Independence curriculum targets four domains: Independent Living, Social Awareness and Achievement, Vocational Skills and Management, and Personal Health and Wellness. Each domain is a key component to individual success.

Research shows that neurodiversity is extensively linked to deficits in executive functioning skills. Sedona Lago Gardens selects 11 executive functioning domains (task initiation, attention, working memory, time management, organization, planning, flexibility, perseverance, processing, emotional regulation and impulse control) to target deficits and increase individual productivity. These skills are embedded in our fully customizable curriculum.

Pathways to Independence utilizes both an evidence-based curriculum, as well as individually customized programming developed by their professionals as part of the psychological and educational assessment process.

Meet our Team

Erin Boisrond—Program Director and Senior Life Coach

Erin Boisrond is the Program Director at Sedona Lago Gardens. Prior to joining the Sedona Lago Gardens Team, Erin spent her career in Special Education, both as an educator and a Director of Special Services. Erin’s background in working with high school students and young adults who are beginning the transition to post-high school life has provided her with the unique perspective that she brings to Sedona Lago Gardens.

Erin holds several Arizona teaching certifications and has more than 16 years of experience in the field of special education. Her passion has been the development and implementation of functional and vocational programming for teens and young adults as they gain valuable skills to support independent living.

Erin Boisrond

Erin has been a resident of the Verde Valley, and an involved community member since 2016. Her husband is a local police officer, and her seven-year-old twins attend 1st grade in Cottonwood. In her free time, Erin enjoys running, hiking, and traveling. She is an avid reader and enjoys spending time with her family. Prior to living in Arizona, Erin spent 20 years in Southern Coastal Maine.

Erin’s career passion and drive come from a source very close to home. Erin’s sister Rebecca is an adult with traumatic brain injury from shortly after birth. Helping Rebecca navigate the world as an adult with a disability drives her desire to help other young adults attain their own level of independence. Erin says: “Seeing Rebecca strive to reach her true potential and watching my children learn how to support Rebecca is beyond rewarding for me as a parent, sister, and educator.”

Read more about Erin on our BLOG.

Karen Pelphrey—Recreational and Community Specialist

Karen Pelphrey is the Recreational and Community Specialist at Sedona Lago Gardens. Karen has extensive experience in her career as an educator working as a Special Education Teacher and Physical Education Teacher. Her expertise spans working with neuro-diverse individuals of all ages including teenagers and young adults in both public and private schools. Additionally, Karen has provided services as a Personal Fitness Trainer to many in the community.

Karen Pelphrey

Karen earned a master’s degree from Marshall University in Special Education and has over 25 years’ of experience in the field of education. While attending Marshall University, Karen played basketball for the Lady Herd basketball team where she was celebrated by receiving awards including Marshall University All-Time Leading Scorer, 1st Team All-American, Southern Conference Hall of Fame, and Marshall University Hall of Fame.

Karen is a Kentucky native who moved from Sarasota, FL to Sedona in 2012. In her free time, Karen enjoys hiking, weightlifting, kayaking, and yoga. She is an avid mountain biker who also loves spending time with her partner and their two cats, Brody & Cooper.

Raman Kaur – Wellness Coach

Raman Kaur

Raman Kaur holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. There she gained experience working in school-based mental health clinics and global mental health humanitarian missions that incorporated trauma therapy & other healing modalities. Her experience working in school-based mental health included providing counseling services, equipping clients with evidence-based healing tools, and providing complementary wellness therapies.

Raman is a certified wellness facilitator in multiple healing practices. Her passion and inspiration come through weaving different realms of ecological, physical, mental, spiritual and psychological. Through this model, she creates a healing space for her clients to explore and find their best selves, and bring them into the world.

Raman relies on using DBT, CBT, and mindfulness-based somatic healing practices in her sessions with students. Her approach emphasizes balancing the nervous system through mindfulness techniques and evidence-based practices.

In her free time, Raman enjoys yoga, teaching mindfulness, music festivals, and loves spending time with her family!