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About Sedona Lago Gardens.

How is Sedona Lago Gardens different from other communities that serve people with autism or other neurodiverse populations?

Sedona Lago Gardens is committed to providing the most beneficial personal development plan for everyone who comes to us. There is no “one size fits all” program; everything we do is created for a specific person and tailored to their specific strengths, needs, and ultimately goals and aspirations. To do this, we start with a comprehensive and multifaceted assessment that ultimately creates the foundation for our Life Coaches and programs.

Sedona Lago Gardens offers a village of residences connected by stunning gardens and nestled in the scenic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Coupled with support from the Pathways to Independence Program, Sedona Lago Gardens offers an unprecedented opportunity for self-directed young adults with autism to polish their skills, pursue their dreams and become independent.

Highly focused, one-on-one coaching paired with education and employment support prepares you for a lifetime of achievement based on your personal goals and aspirations.

What does Life Coaching include, and how will it help me?

Whether you are looking to polish your soft skills for your next career move, prepare yourself for your first job, or explore your talents. The Life Coach will help you become more focused and help you learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships better. The Life Coach will help every step of the way with daily support and encouragement.

Each life-coaching program will be tailored to a resident’s specific strengths, needs, goals, and aspirations. To do this, we start with a comprehensive/multifaceted assessment that ultimately creates the foundation for our Life Coaches and programs.

Are meals included? Or do I have to cook myself?

A certain number of meals will be included and cooked for the residents. We will help residents learn how to cook for themselves and each other.

I have special dietary needs; can your chef prepare for that?

Yes, our chef will get the dietary needs of each resident.

Can I pick my own room?

You will be able to select from the currently available rooms.

Will I have my own private bathroom, or will I have to share one?

Several rooms will have a private bathroom, and others will have a shared bathroom.

Are the homes co-ed?

  • Our homes will not be co-ed.
  • The Mountain Lodge and The Tuscon House will be opening in July 2023, and will both house male residents.
  • The Hacienda will open in 2024 to 3-4 female residents.

What are your pet and equestrian policies?

We allow pets, and if you own a horse, we offer boarding. Expectations are that each resident will be responsible for veterinary care, feeding, pet hygiene, exercise, etc. Pets and horses need to be approved before residents move in. Permission for additional pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Who cleans the common areas?

We will have a housekeeper as part of the program; however, at home and as part of our life skills program, there will be specific resident responsibilities in keeping the common areas in a condition for all other residents to enjoy.

Can I come and go as I please?

Our Life Coaches will need to know if and when residents are leaving campus. We also require residents to communicate their destination with our on-campus concierge.

What are Sedona Lago Gardens' alcohol, tobacco, and drugs policy?

Sedona Lago Gardens is a substance-free campus. The use or possession of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco is not permitted. Local members who commute to participate in our Pathways to Independence program must remain tobacco and substance-free as well.

Does Sedona Lago Gardens have on-site security?

Sedona Lago Gardens’ campus is a gated community. Each of our homes has an individual security system, and there is an on-site resource person 24/7 hours a day. For our residents’ safety, the Sedona Lago Gardens location is not published publicly.

Will Sedona Lago Garden help me find a job?

Yes, our program includes pre-employment and employment support. We will also work with individuals on other life skills and supports to find meaningful employment. We will also work with local businesses to help find the right job for each individual.

How much does it cost to Live at Sedona Lago Gardens and how much is the Pathways to Independence Program?

In an effort to serve more young adults with Neurodiversity, we have reviewed fees for residents and those living on our Campus, said Gary W. Wagner, President. We are fortunate that there is a wealth of artistic, educational, coaching, and concerned advocates in Sedona that want to make a difference. Several community members want to share their talents in focused employment and volunteering on a part-time basis. This has allowed us to review the cost and reduce our fees. Wagner said, “It is the first time in my career that an organization like Sedona Lago Gardens has been able to reduce the “sticker price” without compromising the premier quality of the Pathways to Independence program.” The Pathways to Independence program fees for local residents are $4,000 per month, and for those living on the Campus of Sedona Lago Gardens, the all-inclusive cost is $8,000 per month. The application fee is $1,000.

I already have an assessment; can I use an old assessment?

You can send your assessment to us, but we will also need to have an independent evaluation from our own team for each resident. Residents need to be self-directed, responsible, and capable of living independently with coaching.

What do I need to do to apply to be a resident at Sedona Lago Gardens?

You first need to complete the inquiry form on our website.

Someone will call you to talk about Sedona Lago Gardens and residency.

After the initial discussion, a tour will be scheduled. If this is a good fit, then an application form will need to be completed.

Our team will review the application, and the next steps would be to set up an interview for the future resident and their advocate.



For the privacy and safety of current residents, personal tours of the property and its location are restricted only to qualified applicants and their family members who have satisfied the application requirements.

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