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What’s it Like to Live

at Sedona Lago?

Sedona Lago Gardens community is a small village-like community, ultimately for 16 peers sharing four upscale homes over 10 idyllic acres. Nature plays a big part of life here with abundant red rock vistas, towering pine trees and sprawling gardens. While it feels rural and tranquil, you’re just a few minutes from Sedona’s many shops, restaurants, and services. For many, Sedona Lago Gardens is that sweet spot between complete independence and just the right amount of support to ensure success. You and your peers are on the same journey together. And together, you’ll find the friendship to overcome challenges and find inspiration for what’s to come.

Four Luxury Residences

to Choose From.

Sedona Lago Gardens is a village-like community for up to 16 peers sharing four upscale homes over 10 idyllic acres. Upon opening in 2023, only 12 coveted spots will be available.

Each luxury home offers its own distinct design, stunning views, unique architecture and accommodates up to four residents with private or semi-private rooms and suites. In addition, common areas, such as living rooms, game rooms, kitchens, laundry, patios, decks, a swimming pool, exercise room and game room are shared between the residents. Each home is furnished and fully remodeled. Individual rooms are furnished by the occupant.

The Southwest Hacienda Home

This home offers an elevated deck with sweeping red rock views, two outdoor patios and underground parking. The stunning tile work throughout the decor delivers modern accents, dramatic spaces and a communal open living concept. The Brazilian outdoor barbecue on the deck is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

The Tuscan Home

The Tuscan is also on the same property with horse stables, which can accommodate three to four horses or other livestock. Adjacent to the stables is a gated one- acre corral where the horses can graze and residents with equestrian interests can ride. The two story Tuscan home offers two patios. Most rooms have their own private bathrooms.

The Mountain Lodge

Constructed in 1946, this home has been updated and expanded. The majestic towering fireplace in the living room is equally matched with towering wall-to-ceiling windows which offers breath-taking views of spectacular Lizard Head Rock. Just outside is a full-sized swimming pool. A downstairs lounge makes the perfect cave-like retreat for gaming or quiet contemplation. The open concept kitchen is perfect for community meals. High-ceiling throughout gives this residence an uplifting, spacious feeling.

The California Ranch Home

This home is currently occupied and will not be available for residency when Sedona Lago Gardens first opens. It was designed by the renowned architect Howard Madole, who was influenced by Clifford May, and is one of the only homes he built in Arizona. When available, the home will allow for up to four to six residents.

Professional Life Coaching & Mentoring

Sedona Lago Gardens offers a pioneering approach for self-directed neurodiverse young adults diagnosed with autism, cognitive challenges or other neurodiverse capabilities. Our highly focused, one-on-one coaching is based on the stated goals of each resident and integrated with the rest of community life.

A One-to-One Focus with Group Support

Our certified life coaches are professionally trained to understand the nuances of each resident and will design a tailored program that not only teaches skills but measures achievement. Daily check-ins coupled with peer-to-peer group sessions and one-to-one support assure faster progress in targeted areas. Additional classes and specialized, in-depth education workshops and retreats address soft skills that other communities may not cover, including how to approach dating and relationships, handling on-the-job stress, how diet and exercise create strong mental health, time management and goal setting skills, boundary setting, mitigating interpersonal conflict, or help to acquire new career or life skills.

Choose Your Path, Find Your Guidance

Resident goals are as fluid and as diverse as those we serve. You tell us what you want to do and we’ll shape the path for your success. For instance, if you wish to focus on an artistic pursuit, such as music, painting, design, sculpture, etc., our coaches can help arrange meetings with local craftspeople or teachers to help explore your interests or elevate an existing talent or skill set. Others may want help to pursue in-demand jobs, such as coding, accounting, technology, culinary arts, etc. Others may desire to prepare and apply for their first entry-level job. Finally, more entrepreneurial residents may have ambitions to start a business or continue their education in a chosen field of study. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your first business partner at Sedona Lago! Whatever your goal or interest, our coaches will help you to stay on track.

Sedona Lago Gardens Amenities

and Features at a Glance.

  • Four upscale, residential homes spread over 10 acres
  • Park-like setting with garden-lined paths
  • Red rock views in every direction
  • Koi pond and exercise rooms
  • Pasture for horseback riding and on-site stalls
  • Pet friendly (bring your dog or horse!)
  • Private and semi-private rooms with shared living rooms, kitchens, and common areas
  • Beautiful gardens with thousands of varieties of roses, hundreds of iris varieties, as well as lavender, sage, juniper, pine trees and cedar trees
  • Outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Shuffleboard
  • Several outdoor dining areas, barbecues and patios
  • Home to abundant nature with butterflies and over sixty bird species
  • Lifetime residency options are available
  • Life coaching with experienced coaches trained to work with neurodiverse clients providing day-to-day guidance and support to help residents meet their goals
  • High-speed Internet access and wi-fi in each residence
  • Housekeeping for shared household spaces and bathrooms
  • A 24-hour safety and on-site resource person within the community
  • Weekly health check with vital signs and more details as required by physician(s) orders
  • Six meals per week with community residents that are fresh, healthy and responsive to the dietary needs and preferences of the resident
  • Free transportation within a 50-mile radius of Sedona Lago Garden, including classes at Yavapai College in Sedona and Cottonwood. Beyond 50 miles may require an additional cost
  • Develop job skills and soft skills in an intimate, peer environment
  • Job placement with internships, apprenticeships and licensing opportunities may be available for an additional cost

A Pet and

Horse-Friendly Community.

There’s no question that pets are significant to our well-being, and this is especially true for people with autism or other neurodiverse capabilities. Our residents live with a pet, and there are also stables for up to four horses and a pasture area for riding and equestrian exercise. All pet duties, including veterinarian care, feeding, grooming, exercise, etc., are the resident’s sole responsibility. Each pet will need to be approved on a case-by-case basis by the property management.

Please Note.

For the privacy and safety of current residents, personal tours of the property and its location are restricted only to qualified applicants and their family members who have satisfied the application requirements.

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