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Resident Profile

The Residents of Sedona Lago Gardens function independently but may require assistance, structure, and support in their daily living, career, employment, and social and relationship skills!

The Residents participate in support classes that include: money management, budgeting, time management, household management, clothing care, nutrition, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. They also participate in support groups: including social and relationship skills, human sexuality, love, and marriage.

Each Resident has a Life Coach with whom they develop goals, strategies for employment, recreation, cultural interests, and lifestyle transitions they are processing (home to independence and education to employment). In addition, residents have access to theraputic supports and services, and may access additional services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

Each Resident deserves: Dignity, Respect, Inclusion, and Equality and is afforded every opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Each Resident’s Success is our Success. We individualize services and provide the environment that empowers everyone to succeed in life!


  • An applicant is gifted /talented with complex learning with neurodiversity as their primary diagnosis, for example, autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and have a history of significant learning, attention, or language problems.
  • Must have mastered basic self-help skills such as grooming and hygiene.
  • Has not been involved in substance abuse or other illegal activities.
  • Responds well to structured, orderly, and predictable environments.
  • They may have been socially isolated from peers because of inadequate social skills.
  • They may have social skills which are sufficient to live in a peer community.


The monthly tuition for our Pathways to Independence program is $4000. All local area members and residents participate in this program. Monthly room and board for residents living on our campus are an additional $4000, making the total for residency $8000 monthly.

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