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Program Overview

Residents and Day Program Members alike at Sedona Lago Gardens, will benefit from our premier transitional program: Pathways to Independence.


(What makes PTI unique)

Much like the four directions of the compass in our logo, Sedona Lago Garden’s “Pathways to Independence” curriculum targets four domains: Independent Living, Social Awareness and Achievement, Vocational Skills and Management, and Personal Health and Wellness. Each domain is a key component to individual success.

Research shows that neurodiversity is extensively linked to deficits in executive functioning skills. Sedona Lago Gardens selects 11 executive functioning domains (task initiation, attention, working memory, time management, organization, planning, flexibility, perseverance, processing, emotional regulation and impulse control) to target deficits and increase individual productivity. These skills are embedded in our fully customizable curriculum.

Pathways to Independence utilizes both an evidence-based curriculum, as well as individually customized programming developed by their professionals as part of the psychological and educational assessment process.

What Our Life Coach Says

Erin Boisrond, Life Coach is highly skilled in understanding each individual’s needs here at Sedona Lago Gardens. She works with the team to customize each person’s program and experience in order to meet their unique needs. Erin says: “Young adults with neurodiversity face unique challenges that are often coupled with anxiety related to the demand to perform both at the high school level and the post-secondary level. Increased academic, social and personal challenges frequently develop in the mid to late teen years, making it difficult for adults with neurodiversity to find independent success and feel confident in their skill set. We address all needs, particularly with our learning domain geared towards personal health and wellness. It is important for young adults in our program to feel success and confidence in all aspects of their life.”

To learn more about Pathways to Independence for both residents at Sedona Lago Gardens and those who live in Verde Valley but want to become a member of PTI, please fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch.

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