Meet Erin Boisrond, our Life Coach

Erin and Family

Meet Erin Boisrond, our Life Coach

In 2007, I began my career as a special education teacher. It has been my passion, and the main focus of my profession to provide teens and young adults with opportunities to gain independence. Giving young adults with disabilities the tools they need to be successful and to live on their own is something that is not only needed in Northern Arizona, but needed nationally as well. Over the last 16 years, I have been fortunate enough to be given the creative freedom to design and implement functional life skills programs for teens and young adults that focused on vocational and community living skills. Several individuals I worked with now hold jobs and some even live on their own.

Though I have had many “success stories”, one, in particular, stands out: Landon was a teenager with Autism, and although he was social and loved being around others, he struggled significantly with managing his emotions. This was particularly true when something unexpected happened. Landon’s family was a pillar in the local community. It was important to them and to Landon that he get a job when he graduated. Together, Landon and I worked tirelessly to help him meet his goals. With Landon and his goals in mind, I created a store, in which he worked. Landon developed problem-solving skills and worked on patience. Landon helped run our horticulture program and soon began an internship with our custodial staff. Over time, I watched his confidence and skill set grow. When Landon graduated, there was a job waiting for him as a full-time custodian. To this day, he remains independently employed there.

Despite these accomplishments, frequently I have also worked with individuals who don’t find immediate success. They may accel in academics and even attend postsecondary education. These young people are talented, high-functioning, and self-directed. However, an estimated 85% of other young adults with neuro-diversity, they are not able to become or remain employed. Sadly, unemployment for adults with neuro-diversity can be as high as 30-40% which is eight times the rate of unemployment for those without disabilities. Sedona Lago Gardens will help our members beat the statistical odds by accessing not only our elite services but also through the support of our amazing local community.

What Sedona Lago Gardens brings to the table is the ability to individually tailor programming and support for neuro-divergent adults through the benefit of our professional Life Coaches. Working as a team, we can help young adults gain, and sustain success. Sedona Lago Gardens is pioneering a much-needed niche in our local community; providing high-functioning neuro-diverse adults the opportunity to hone their independence skills in the areas of career, relationships, and life skills. Our members will feel at home as they learn to live and work independently. Working with the Life Coach will feel like a partnership, rather than a class; empowering our members as they grow.

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of Sedona Lago Gardens, and the cutting-edge programming and support we provide to our members.